Joining us for the first time this season is the lovely Chloe, watch as she performs incredible feats suspended only by her hair!

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Beth is the youngest of the Lawson children and wife of Attila. Beth has been working in circus all her life even though she doesnt perform in the ring anymore she is still very much involved in the family business. Even as a busy Mum of two beth still gets involved in the day to day running of the show.

4 Comments to “chloe-Jane”

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow Elena was amazing, so elegant and graceful both performances were absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

    • Amelie says:

      Me and my best friend saw you at the circus your costumes and your hair were beautiful and your act was AMAZING

  2. Karyn Robertson says:

    Amazing!! Love this act.

  3. Pradyumna Raval says:

    Exemplary act by Chloe-Jane. Absolutely stunning and great fitness. Keep up the good work. Our entire family liked your act.

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