Three Cheers For The Circus!

“THREE cheers for Macclesfield Borough Council for finally putting Meriton Road Park to a legitimate use, in allowing John Lawson’s Circus to perform. Perhaps our local councillors could use their powers of persuasion, to allow any additional income received for the park by Macclesfield Council to be reinvested in promoting further events and ensuring sporting and pastime activities can return to the park to be enjoyed safely by the local community.”

Name and address supplied (to the newspaper).

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John Lawson’s circus was founded in 1974 by ringmaster ‘captain’ John Lawson and was originally titled John Lawson’s Circus De Reszke. After five years of appearing at outdoor events all over the country to great acclaim, Captain John bought a small second-hand ‘flower show’ marquee and with one Bedford lorry began touring the country with the possibly the smallest Circus in the land.