Not only do we tour with a full cast, crew and performance for 9 months a year, we also perform at various Garden Centres all over the country with a shorter show taylor made to their requirements ( sometimes 3 different venues at once! ). So if you see JLC at a Garden Centre near you be prepared to see some of our regular stars and some new faces !

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John Lawson’s circus was founded in 1974 by ringmaster ‘captain’ John Lawson and was originally titled John Lawson’s Circus De Reszke. After five years of appearing at outdoor events all over the country to great acclaim, Captain John bought a small second-hand ‘flower show’ marquee and with one Bedford lorry began touring the country with the possibly the smallest Circus in the land.

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  1. CO-CO says:

    Enjoyed your show at Pirbright
    Next time have some Pink plates

  2. Chloe amos says:

    This is amazing u came to hanham bristol and clumbsy the clown painted me and my friends face’s like baby clowns we love u clumbsy wanna know ur real name xx

  3. lauren palmer says:

    clumbsy was great he was so funny aswell!

  4. scruffy says:

    Clumsy is great, can’t wait to see you all again. My hubby will bring some photo’s of when he was in the circus.

  5. debbie morris says:

    thankyou for a wonderfull night really enjoyed every minute of it clumsy was fantastic and the ring master himself was very professional and fantastic at his job

  6. Rebecca Roberts says:

    hey I hardly think that you’ll remember me but me and my mum visited the circus in newtown (she was the one that had to go up and do the act with clumsy :-P) Well i was going to my nans house soon and when I got there guess what i saw YOUR CIRCUS It was in Gwynedd by Pwllheli or Bangor or Caernarfon im not sure
    doesnt matter but that was funny i wanted to go oagain and say hi but i wasnt allowed i was wondering if you could do some thing for local campsites kids clubs and school because im sure my school newtown highschool would love and welcome you with warm arms if you show off on our stage for an assembly 😉

    • Beth Lawson Endresz says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Im sure we could do something with your school next year when we visit.
      If you get your head teacher to contact us a couple of weeks in advance to arrange something we will gladly come along!

  7. Marilyn Dykes says:

    Brilliant show today at Wychbold. All the acts were fabulous. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, thank you. Excellent value for money. Good luck.

  8. John says:

    Just home after attending the great performance at Squires garden centre@ Badshot Leas, Surrey. My 10 year old & 7 year old loved it – as did I, especially when I performed as part of Rudys act with a cowbell! Great mix of acts all of whom are very talented & presented by a terrific showman, 10/10 – we will come again when you are next in town!

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